April 01, 2018

Cork Yoga mats have started to pop up on people’s radar, and you might have seen a few at the yoga studio, but do you know what makes them the absolute best yoga mat out there? And are you aware of what to look out for if you are contemplating trying one out? Beware, cork yoga mats are not all created equal. 

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that everyone we know who has tried a cork yoga mat has immediately fallen in love with it. We asked our customers what they love and here is what they told us: 

  1. No more slipping on the yoga mat! Have you ever been so distracted by your hands sliding up in a downward dog or your feet slipping away in a lunge that you can’t even enjoy the practice? Nothing is more annoying, and the cork yoga mat finally solves this huge problem. For real, and for hot yoga as well. We are completely aware that the plastic mats that are labeled as “non slip grip” are actually very slippery when a drop of moisture in introduced.
  1. We love this planet and premium cork yoga mats are environmentally friendly as they are made of 100% Natural raw cork, which is 100% natural, renewable, and recyclable. In fact, cork as a material is unsurpassed in sustainability (read more here).
  1. The cork yoga mats naturally kill all of the bacteria and germs that find their way there. They are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. And no one really wants bacteria and fungus on their yoga mat.
  1. The bottom of a premium yoga mat is made of 100% Natural Tree Rubber. This matters because it doesn’t immediately render all of the benefits of the natural cork irrelevant. Keep in mind that when you roll your mat the back and the front have to touch, so if one surface kills bacteria and fungus but the other one does not you have a problem. Furthermore, the rubber is fantastic for the mat’s stability on the floor and will keep it from shifting. 
  1. Cork yoga mats with rubber tree bottoms contain no harmful plastics, including PVC’s or TPE, which means that you won’t find that toxic smell when you roll out your new mat. 
  1. Pure Essential oils are magic when used on a cork yoga mat. You can choose the oils you want this whole new sensory experience will add depth to your practice
  1. It’s Reversible! Some exercise is best performed on a rubber mat and the cork yoga mat with the natural rubber tree bottom is two mats in one… all you need to do it flip!
  1. Cork is easy to clean and maintain, no need to use soaps and chemicals, just use water to clean the cork yoga mat and there is no need to worry about bacteria.
  1. They look really cool! Sometimes when you are tired and busy a really beautiful new mat makes it easier and more exciting to get to a yoga class.
  1. A natural cork yoga mat with a rubber tree bottom is hypo-allergenic – just in case you were using a mat allergy as an excuse to skip out on your practice.

Did we forget anything?