Your Nexxt

Yoga Inspiration Bundle

The Beginner's Yoga Kit includes our Natural Cork Power Yoga Mat (4mm thickness), the Adventure Water Bottle, our invigorating Lemongrass Yoga Mat Spray, and a mat carrying strap.

This kit was designed specifically for those who are just starting out in their yoga practice, or as the perfect gift for those who want to share their love of yoga with friends and family. 

Enhance your yoga practice by placing a drop or two of one of your favourite YOURNEXXT essential oils on the logo on the mat.

How to Use your Mat

Please wipe the mat with a wet towel before first use. Lightly spray water on the top surface of your mat before your practice, this will give you added grip and prevent sliding. 

Mat Care

With cork’s natural properties, there is no need to clean your mat regularly. When you do want to clean it, use a damp cloth with one drop of mild soap and gently wipe it down. Lay flat to dry.  DO NOT put it in the washer or dryer.


Wrap the mat with print side out and store in a cool and dry place.  Avoid sun exposure.