Which Cork Yoga mat thickness is best for you?

Yoga mats serve as the foundation of our practice. They help us keep grounded, stable, and support us as our practice evolves. Having the right mat for your needs is important for balance,  grip and support.

A yoga mat’s thickness can affect your yoga experience, so having the right density can mean a better session for you in the long run. We offer a selection of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness in our mats.  The bottom of each cork yoga mat contains 100% natural tree rubber, which provides maximum stability without shifting as it grips the floor.

Usually, having a denser, thicker mat means less pressure on the knees, hands, and feet when going through poses. Regardless of what you want your yoga experience to feel like, a yoga mat should provide support and stability in your practice.

If your joints/knees are not sensitive, we suggest a thinner option such as the 3mm.   The 3mm is a standard mat thickness and you will feel a close connection to the ground.  This is a thin, firm mat which provides a lot of stability when practicing yoga.  It is light weight to carry around.  It deliberately does not provide a lot of cushion, and is not dense so you will feel connected to the floor.

This is your in-between mat.  This density is for people who do not have sensitive joints/ knees, but still want a little bit of cushion with the firmness.  It provides stability and support, but does not feel like you are lying on the floor.

If you have knee or joint issues, using a more dense mat such as the 5mm will help absorb impact and provide more cushion and support on your joints, knees and hips while you practice. However this mat is not spongy or squishy so you do not leave an imprint on this mat . It is still firm and dense.  The 5mm mat provides the most cushion, as it is a heavier and denser mat while still being firm.